Christmas cheer, full stop.

Oh, I was in full Christmas swing this weekend! I had big plans. Forget the halls, the whole house was going to be decked out in boughs of holly and we were going to enjoy several cups of cheer.  Everyone was going to have fun! Fa-la-la-la-la!

It turns out that forced holiday fun is not much fun at all. I tried to rally the troops with Christmas music and Christmas lights. But there’s only so much a 5 month old can do to get into the spirit. I was disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I was a little over dramatic and claimed Christmas to be ruined. What I had pictured for the weekend didn’t match up with the scene in my living room where Christmas decorations were overlooked for toys (that we hadn’t seen in months) that were suddenly flying out of the toy box. I was trying to clear the clutter, make room for Santa, bring in the tree, string the lights, force a sing-a-long of carols and it Just. Wasn’t. Working.

Butterfly Brooke and her tree

Full stop. Deep breath.

And then it was all suddenly funny. This is what my Christmas should look like.  With two kids under two, a civilized tree decorating ceremony was not happening. I began – for just a moment- to appreciate the hilarity of the scene around me. Brooke, all decked out in her halloween butterfly custome – flew around the room flapping her “wings” while singing about the colors of  the lights on the tree. Jaclyn smiled and played on her playmat with blissful ignorance. Toys were everywhere. There was no peace, there was no calm. This was no Silent Night, but it was perfect.

All lessons learned were forgotten the next morning as I tried to cajole and rally the kids for a big Christmas photo shoot. Round and round I went trying to get everyone groomed, dressed and happy. Brooke insisted on wearing her beach crocs. Jaclyn immediately spit on her new dress and we were late. S-T-R-E-S-S. This mama was not happy. I literally flew out of the driveway. 5 minutes until shoot time. I ignored questions from the backseat, checked my phone, considered texting…..then……oh yeah….. flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror.

Deep breath.

No ticket this time. Just a warning for not coming to a full stop before entering the rotary. Huh. Talk about a big, giant slap across the face from Mama Universe. The message was clear: slow down, relax, stop forcing, let go and go with the flow…..full stop, deep breath.

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