Contest: what favorite things make you feel happy & inspired?

A friend of mine is doing a ‘Favorite Things’ gift swap with a group of girlfriends. I LOVE the idea. How cool to get a little something from each of your friends that represents what they’re loving at that moment! It got me thinking…what if I could round up all my favorite things as it relates to some of my favorite topics: health, home, personal well being, fashion and fitness?

So, here we go – here’s the list of a few things in each category that make my life a little easier, happier and better right now.  Make sure you read to the bottom to find out how to win a free coaching session with me.



Right now, I’m really excited about my new baby food maker: Beaba Babycook. This thing does it all: steams, purees, blends and reheats. It’s making it super easy for me to make food for my new little eater. The bonus is that my not so new little eater is super curious about the new foods and she’s now eating a few more vegetables than usual! 

To go along with it, I’m also loving Dr. Alan Green’s Feeding Baby Green book. It has so many great reminders of why and how feeding your kids healthy foods from the start impacts their whole life. Plus, there are a bunch of easy kid-friendly recipes to try.


I love my home to be warm, homey and organized. When it’s not, I can’t even think straight. So here are my two favorite things to make me love my home:

A mason jar that I like to fill with a few small flowers. I spend anywhere from $3 to $5 each week on a few beautiful stems and it makes me feel happy all week. I love the look of a mason jar too. Very casual and cool, but any bud vase will do.

I also love my organizing files, boxes and bins in my office. It makes the whole room look and feel neat and organized and it reduces so much clutter on my desk. They actually make me want to file (seriously). It’s absolutely worth the time and the investment to get an organizing system down for yourself.

Personal well being:

For me this category is about what you do, or what you use for yourself that enhances your joy and makes you happy. So, for me it’s two things: the Steve Jobs book I’m reading right now that I’m finding fascinating and enjoyable; and also this amazing blanket that I wrap myself up in every night. If you like warm and cozy, it’s the best. Enough said.


I’m definitely not claiming to be the most fashionable person, but here are two things that I can’t seem to live without right now. Have you ever tried Smart Wool Socks? They’re fantastic weekend socks. And I LOVE socks!

I’m not sure if this falls under the fashion category but I have to mention my favorite Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream. This is a bit of a splurge for me, but this eye cream does wonders under a little makeup to make your face look well rested, hydrated and vibrant. I love Bobbi Brown because not only does she make beautiful makeup, but she also emphasizes healthy living and understands beauty from the inside out.


Right now, it’s my yoga mat that makes me happy. It’s simple, it’s orange and I can store it under my couch for easy access. I pull it out for a few quick situps, pushups or yoga moves when I have a few minutes.


These are a few things that I’m loving right now and make me feel inspired, healthy and happy in my own way.

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10 Responses to Contest: what favorite things make you feel happy & inspired?

  1. Kate says:

    I am loving the Yes to Carrots brand! It’s all natural and not too expensive. I bought the hydrating yes to cucumber shampoo and conditioner and I love the calming smell of cucumber every morning. I also bought face wash, moisturizer and lip balm. The moisturizer is the best I think I’ve ever used and I love that it’s all natural.

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m starting to realize what a difference music makes to my everyday activities – walking the dog, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Having my iPod on makes me feel more energized and turns these routine activities into a workout for me.

    I have liked your Facebook page and was already a newsletter subscriber. Would love to be entered into the drawing for a free session!

  3. Kate Flinn says:

    Kathryn…I heart your website! I am training for a half marathon this spring and would love to come up with a game plan!

  4. Abby says:

    A coworker sent this to me and said, you may like this. I take my hat off to her for how well she knows me! You had me at flowers in a mason jar.

    I recently realized that decorating has been inspiring me. I know my stress levels are high when I have rearranged an entire room in my apartment. Once I’m done I love sitting back and enjoying my work and feeling as though I just did something for myself to enjoy as well as feeling ligther. This has been much more productive than my retail-therapy sessions.

    I have liked you on Facebook and look forward to following you. Thank you for your inspirations thus far!

  5. Meghan says:

    5:30 am workouts (after the fact).
    A clean, simple and clutter-free house.
    Yankee Candles (Buttercream right now!).
    A perfectly flavored iced coffee.

    I’m a Facebook fan and receive emails. I visit your Facebook page to make sure I’m not missing any status updates. I enjoy the words of encouragement and reminders to take care of myself. Contest shared!

  6. Ali says:

    Right now my 2 favorite things are items that help me get my baby to sleep which makes us both happy! She loves when I bounce with her on an exercise ball and also will fall asleep when I carry her in the Moby wrap (which is cozy for us both).

  7. Courtney says:

    2 things that make me happy and inspired are a good workout, and my sons’ smiling faces – which inspire me to find a better work/life balance, no matter how hard it seems to overcome. You can’t beat a happy face in the morning to remind you how important time with your family is and how you really want to make all that time count.

  8. Tara says:

    Lots of stressful things going on in life right now, but I am determined to have a positive, optimisic and inspired outlook for 2012 and not let the stress get the best of me. Some of the wonderful things that keep me happy and inspired right now are the awesome food we have been feeding our 1-year old. He eats like a champ and I am so proud of the fact that we have always made his baby food, and now “big-boy food.” I am also psyched about the Furgopet dog brush I just bought because it is helping tremendously with the dog hair from our two pooches that was just getting out of control :) Lots to smile about for 2012!

    Love the newsletter and love the facebook page. So happy for you KP and truly enjoy your blog!

  9. Megan says:

    I just signed up for your newsletter!
    Favorite thing? Hands down, homemade chai tea with milk and raw, local honey, a good book, and biscotti.

  10. Gwenwhyfar says:

    For me there are 2 happys – newly happy, and calming happy.
    Newly happy – Looking for crocuses peaking through the dirt as winter gives way. I return to this every year and will forever. Makes me want to be outside forever, and breath and jump, and then sleep like a rock at the bottom of the ocean.

    Calming happy – Paring down. An exercise in refining my mindset, and my space.
    Appreciating clean corners and white light.

    Calming happy generates energy…and leaves me centered.
    Newly happy – it comes from somewhere else…I can’t possibly generate that much happiness on my own, can I? :)

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