Finding your way back to balance

It happens. Just when everything is going well and you’re congratulating yourself on eating really healthy, or getting out the door to exercise, you find yourself with your hand in the proverbial (or actual) cookie jar.

Think I don’t know what I’m talking about? I just finished a 21 day detox that I capped off with a Mother’s day dinner which included every eliminated food in one single bite along with a wonderful wedding in which I indulged in a delicious feast fit for a king.

So when you have a less than perfect day (week, month or year), what’s a gal to do? Here are three steps to help you come back to balance and get back on track.

1) Stop beating yourself up and give yourself a break.  Life ebbs and flows and we follow right along with the changes. If we try to be perfect all the time, it means we’re standing rigid and stiff and more likely to snap when the wind changes. Let’s be flexible instead.

2) Flush your system and reset! Aka – grab a big glass of water and sip, sip, sip all day. It will help your body normalize, will give you more energy and help get any sugar cravings under control.

3) Develop a routine that helps you mentally and physically return to your balanced state.  Knowing how to bring yourself back to balance will allow you to reset quickly and make hiccups along the way manageable and less stressful. My way back to normal involves stretching my body, slowly filling up on greens and lean protein and getting to bed super early.

I consider it good news when you have an off day and can physically feel the affects of what you consumed.  That generally means that your body is reacting the way it should and alerting you when you’ve overdone it.

Understanding your body’s balance and knowing how to get yourself back there is a big deal. It takes the pressure off of a bad day and it gives you back full control to getting yourself back to a good place without beating yourself up, without crash diets and without needing crazy will-power.

Trust yourself and your body to get yourself back to feeling great. That’s so much better than feeling guilty for a week and then going on a crash diet, yes?

Want to learn specific strategies on how to get back to your balance? We’ll be talking about the best ways to get yourself back to feeling good quickly and easily in the upcoming Designing A Beautiful Life program. As a Mom, knowing exactly what to do and what to eat to find your personal balance is a must when dealing with the chaos and unpredictability of your day! We start on May 21st – you can sign up here.



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