Moving forward towards your vision

What picture have you always held for yourself in your head and your heart?  As a child, when you envisioned yourself as an adult, what were you like? What was your life like?

My husband fancied himself an outdoor man with a family that followed suit…hiking, biking, skiing. He bought a Thule rack for our car this weekend and the vision of strapping bikes or skis to the top is now real.

I fancied myself an athlete and envisioned completing a triathlon. I’ve thought about signing up a number of times over the past few years but fear has always stopped me.

Fear is always the biggest when it’s a dream you’re after. Sometimes it’s about not being able to make your dream happen, and sometimes it’s about the dream coming true and all that comes with that. What will be left? Will you enjoy it? Will it match your expectations?

But possibilities expand and open to match your life and your energy. We can’t even really imagine what’s next for us.

So, why wait on something and keep it purposely just out of reach?

What was your vision for yourself? For your family? Move yourself forward into the person you want to be.

I’ll be hitting that registration button. What about you?

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