A challenge. A little motivation. And maybe some chocolate?

Maybe it’s in the spirit of the Olympics or maybe just because I like having little goals, but recently, I’ve been all about little challenges.

We’re doing potty training in my house and we’ve wavered back and forth between success days and ‘back to square’ one days. But I know the way to my nugget’s heart and stickers surely weren’t cutting it. What a world of difference a teeny, tiny piece of chocolate makes to a toddler.  So there you have it – a goal, a reward, a little extra motivation and we’re back on.

I gave all my clients challenges too. We’re all focused on so many things that sometimes it really helps to just one one specific thing to focus on.

Here’s the challenge I gave to one client who deeply wants to fulfil a piece of her life she feels passionately about: Do something little that in some way shows the outside world who you are on the inside…even if it feels scary (especially if it feels scary).

I love this one. Know why? Because we all tend to hide our most precious gifts and talents. The ones that even scare us a little bit. We do it for many reasons but mostly because it makes us feel vulnerable to share such a real piece of ourselves.

It feels so good to put it out there and realize that nobody is laughing. Nobody is criticizing. In fact, they’re all probably really happy to know you better.

So, I’m forwarding this challenge to you. You could change your FB profile picture, or tell a friend about a book you’re reading that you would normally keep to yourself. Whatever it is, just put it out there. Then, what the heck, give yourself a little reward too.

My client…she rocked it, by the way.

What will you do? What little piece of you will you share with the rest of the world? Leave a comment for me or jump on over to Facebook and share on my wall.

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