Choosing wisely

This is a big summer with so many changes. There’s a new little walker in the house, potty training, a big girl bed, a new school and a new routine. Two kids now demanding all of my attention, jealous of the other one make it interesting.

Then there’s the ever-shifting balance of work and mama-time, later nights and earlier mornings, a big race looming ahead and a beach vacation sadly behind us.

I’m not a big fan of change, even when I crave it…even when I know it’s good. It can tire me out and make me wish for the past, even when I know the right path is forward. In the midst of it, it feels too out of control.

After a conversation with my client this week, I was reminded of the importance of just letting go of the control…letting things happen naturally and rolling with it. Just to think of it, to be reminded of it, feels better already. It takes the pressure off and lets me just appreciate.

My husband came home from work and told me about this HBR article where he read that the author began substituting the phrase “I choose” for “I have to”.  We experimented with it that night and it changes everything.

I choose to clean up dinner sounds and feels so differently than I have to clean up dinner.

It reminded me that everything, indeed, is a choice. How easy is that to forget? It also instantly made me feel more in control of my days and all my to-do’s. It’s softer and not as negative. It puts me back in control of the little things instead of the other way around.

And this shifting balance in our little family right now? I’m choosing to go with it. We’ll get through the changes either way, resisting & fighting or flowing with it.

This time, I’m choosing flow and move forward.

What would happen if you used “I choose” instead of “I have to” this week? Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think!




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