Mindset matters: show up with who you are

I almost quit last week. I almost gave up. I might not have ever told you that either. I may have just pulled out of the races and you might not have known.

In my head, a endless loop of “I can’t do it because…I’m tired. The girls aren’t sleeping. I’m not sleeping. It’s too much this summer. I don’t have time to train.”

I was tired. Putting up excuses and giving myself an out.

Turns out, I decided not to quit. A good friend encouraged me and my mindset shifted. And it made me remember this: your mindset is your most important tool or your biggest obstacle. And you get to choose which one.

It’s what we believe about ourselves that makes the most difference.  It changes the way we present ourself to the world. It changes how people see us. It allows us to stand up straighter or push just a little harder.

We put up excuses to hide ourselves, our insecurities or to prevent failure. But what’s the point of that?

No more hiding. No more selling yourself short. No more excuses.

When you believe you can be better, then you are. And when you’re defeating yourself before you start and that’s exactly where you’ll stay….hiding your truest self: the one who is willing to take risks and win big or maybe even fail.

Let’s be clear: it’s not about what anyone else thinks that matters. It just doesn’t make that much difference. It’s always about what you think of yourself.  It’s your story about yourself that matters.

Is it a positive one? Or is it filled with criticism?

It all reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. Back when I was a nervous high school  freshman trying out for my sports teams, I found this quote and it made such an impression on me.

A little dorky, yes but the coaches always ate it up. And I always believed it was true.

Still do, in fact!

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