Action creates change

It’s not that the house is hideously messy, it’s just that there’s a pile of mail that’s been sitting on the counter for a few days. Oh, and there’s that pile of clothes that hasn’t made it’s way upstairs yet and there are just random things on the ground all the time. I’m constantly baffled by all the misplaced items in my house. Like, really, how did a beach shovel get on the clean kitchen counter after the kids were in bed? I honestly have no idea.

These are just the loose ends from our week. The things that have either been ignored or played with after clean up time is over. When they start to spill over, it feels like the whole house is caving in and I’ll never dig myself out.

It’s the same with my to-do list or the big project I’m planning. Maybe I just have a few emails to reply to, or just a few things that must happen in a given week, but when I ignore them, the stress weighs down on me.

I was reminded last night of the importance of action. Action creates change. Don’t you love that? (Thank you Hannah.)

I notice the difference when I’m working to clear the loose ends as I go. Everything feels more in control, easily picked up after a day or easily done when I get to it. One or two to-do items checked off or the little pile of clothes finally put away changes the whole feel of my house and my day.

Clear the loose ends and move forward. Change. Do. Take a chance.

Waiting, stalling, procrastinating or not moving – it sometimes feels easier in the short term but it’s always harder in the long-term.

Whatever it is on your plate, just step forward. Go.



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