My new wallet and how it propelled me out of my funk

“The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be. Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Why is change so hard, even when it’s something you want?

I see it in my clients who desperately want to change their eating and life patterns to free up something better, but when we get going, the resistance begins. It’s easier to stay in the safe and comfortable stuck spot, even when you don’t really want to be there.

I see it in me too. Change means different and I don’t like different. Different is hard and uncomfortable. I resisted change when I was going off to college. I resisted the huge change that was about to come when I was pregnant with my first baby. But once I finally stepped through that threshold of change, I loved the new normal ~ and the new me ~ that emerged. 

I have learned this: You must be willing to give up something familiar and comfortable to reap the rewards of something better.

{It always is worth it. Promise.}

I was in that stuck place too. I was ending each day depleted and diminished. Frankly, I was stuck in my routine and it felt too hard to break out (and I’ll tell you that story too – stay tuned for my next blog post). It didn’t last long because enough is enough ~ I can’t stand being in that heavy, sluggish, funk of a place.

The minute I got moving again towards doing something, the procrastination chains snapped and I felt free again. Doing ONE tiny thing made me feel so good. It propelled me out of my funk. 

When you hit that point that you’re finally ready to move out of stuck and into something new, a new energy comes sailing back in. It clears the space to do more.  It gives you energy.

You know what I did? I bought a new wallet. Seriously, that’s it!

As soon as I cut those tags off, I wanted to fill it up and make it mine. In doing that, I consolidated my credit cards, threw out old receipts and notes I no longer needed.  Then, I cleared off the bills laying around my desk and filed them, which actually propelled me to clean up my filing system. Then because I felt so organized, I set out to create a new family tradition (yep, this is the very same story you’ll hear about in that next blog post). We’re on day 3 and it’s freed up 2-3 hours in my day and given me the space I need for myself.

All because of a wallet.

But, of course, it’s not really about the wallet. Really, it’s just that forward motion. It’s the stepping out of pattens that no longer work for you. It’s taking that one, scary step towards something better. 

One step leads to one change. And boom – you’re on your way.

Being ready to step out of your patterns and toward something better takes courage. You know when you’re ready ~ and if you are ~ I hope you’ll join me and this beautiful group that’s forming over here.  


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