My ‘someday’ was yesterday

That's me and the best training buddy I know

This tri represented more to me than just another race. It was more than just swimming, biking and running the required distance. I signed up to push myself – not physically (though I did that too) and not mentally (though it was also an uphill battle in that dept. as well).

A triathlon is something I had always imagined myself doing ‘someday’. 

But ‘someday’ always lives off in the distant future and even as time marches on, so does ‘someday.’ I didn’t want to wake up and realize that this time was already behind me.

So, my ‘someday’ was yesterday.

Even though it had been a goal of mine for a long time, it’s not as if I jumped for joy after signing up. Actually, there was a lot of fear and resistance about the training, about the possibility of not finishing. About a lot.

We tend to think that these big goals of ours will come easily to us and we’ll zoom to the finish line without hard work, without fear, without resistance…just because we feel we were meant to do them.

Seems like the opposite is true. It’s not easy, just because you want it. Sometimes the fear  isn’t a roadblock. Instead, the kind that’s tinged with excitement is telling you: yes, continue with this. Sometimes the joy is in the work.

Crossing that finish line was so much sweeter knowing the hours of training I had put in. It was so much sweeter knowing the mental and physical barriers I pushed myself through.

And let’s be honest, your ‘someday’ plans aren’t the easy things in life. If they were, you’d already be doing them. Nope, your ‘someday’ plans are the big, lofty and scary ones.  

And they’ll never happen until you step towards them….until you put yourself out there, make yourself vulnerable to fear, hard work and the possibility of failure.

These lofty goals of ours? They’re always very personal. They’re also very telling of who we are, who we want to be and what we want out of life.

So, I promise you this – when you accomplish that goal, not only will you feel proud, relieved, happy and (in my case very, very tired), you’ll also feel incredibly aligned, open and happy. Why? Because your light – the person you really are – is shining through.

Try this for me:

1) Think about what your ‘someday’ plans are and write them down.

2) What are you tired of putting off? What do you hope and wish for yourself that you could actually do today, this week, this month or this year?

3) Now, take the leap of faith and take one step toward that goal today.

Oh, how I love this stuff. It’s takes knowing yourself, trusting yourself and being willing to take a step forward to find and feel the joy in your life. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing this October. Join me and a group of incredible women who are ready to take that step to fill their spirits and find their joy:  SparkedUp: Lessons in designing your best life.

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3 Responses to My ‘someday’ was yesterday

  1. joseph says:

    You should definitely check out Its a goal-achievement platform that helps you build step-by-step plans and track your progress toward all of your ‘Someday’ goals.

    Here is a link to my list –

  2. I have never in my life wanted to run a race of any kind and am SO floored by people who do stuff like this! Something I want to do someday? A handstand.

  3. kpostulka says:

    Joseph – really cool site. Thanks for sharing!

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