For the time being, I think I just feel lucky

In one weekend flat, we’ve gone from autumn in New England, celebrating Thanksgiving traditions to full-blown Christmas.

We took one day to be reflective and thankful for our blessings and before we even let them seep into our dreams, Black Friday started at midnight.

The lights in my neighborhood are up, Santa’s ringing his bell at the mall and I have more catalogs then my mailbox could possibly fit. Even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade started out with a great big turkey float and ended with Santa.

Wasn’t it just August? This happens so fast every year.

I have big issues with time. I’m constantly trying to hold on to it, to savor it and at the same time trying to jam pack my days with more than I could possibly do. I battle the clock, always trying to keep on schedule and not be late. Most times I think I want more time but then I wonder if I’d be happier with less.

This weekend we watched our family movie. Every year I combine all the little videos I take of the kids and put them to music. I suppose it’s my way of trying to preserve time. Watching these moments and realizing they’re already gone combined with the emotionally charged music…it’s almost more than I can take.

We also broke out the old, classic Christmas movies of my childhood for the kids to watch. Even the old 80′s commercials are still in there since we taped them from TV way back when. Watching them instantly makes me feel like I’m the kid again. Wasn’t it only five minutes ago I was curled up on my couch watching these as a child?

Sometimes I can’t believe I’m the mom. Really, I have these moments when I think,  ’Wait, am I really the one in charge here?’ I wonder if my parents felt this way too.

From a kid to a mom in a blink of an eye. From one baby to two kids in less than 3 years.  Time flies. I guess I know why it’s the biggest cliche in the book. Because it’s true.

Grateful – that’s what I felt this Thanksgiving. Grateful and blessed. I’ll move on to Christmas too, just like the rest of the world and I’ll do it while watching my kids experience the same heartfelt and true joy that I felt as a child on Christmas. I feel pretty lucky to be able to experience it again in this way.

Maybe time is a circle – letting us relive and repeat moments in our life. Maybe we don’t have to chase it after all.


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4 Responses to For the time being, I think I just feel lucky

  1. April K says:

    That is a great question… did our parents feel like “am I the one in charge here?” haha. A very thought provoking post, loved it. Keep ‘em coming :)

  2. Erin McArdle says:

    I love that you put the videos to music!! What a fantastic idea! Do you do this yourself? Easy to do?

  3. kpostulka says:

    Thanks April K ;) You’ll feel that way too very soon! xo

  4. kpostulka says:

    Erin, yes – it’s super easy. Do you have a Mac? I use iMovie. It does take me forever to sort through them all and pick out the music. I start in January and I usually finish in March :) but it’s worth it!

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