New calendars. Empty notebooks. Intentions. Words. Promises and positive energy.

The start of a new year feels like a blank slate and the possibility of that is so exciting. I really love the week after Christmas. It’s the one week of the year when it feels like the only thing you’re supposed to do is relax and recharge for the busyness that starts all over in January.

With it comes the chance to start over. To do things differently. To wipe away this past year, only taking along the valuable lessons and precious moments, releasing all the rest and beginning again.

But with all the open-endedness, I never know how to begin or where to start. I hate writing with pen in my calendar.  I never know what to write on the first page of a blank notebook. What if I’m wrong? I’m afraid to make the commitment, because what if things change? What if I want to change?

Last year during this week, I made resolutions. They were specific and measurable – exactly what I was taught to do. Some I achieved and some I didn’t. What I noticed is that later in the year when I went back to look at them, I didn’t feel a connection to them anymore. I had shifted and they didn’t get to shift with me.

I’m craving something softer this year. Intentions and words and ideas that don’t immediately hold the pressure to achieve them. Or the worry of breaking them. Words that aren’t so black and white and about success, failure, right or wrong.

A pencil instead of pen.

Be. Listen. Define. De-clutter. Journey. Connect. Recharge. Engage. Explore. Balance. Simplify. Create.

Can you feel the energy in those words? Can you feel the possibilities within them? These words are softer. They’re more open. They’re real. There’s no right or wrong, instead there’s room to weave, bob and figure things out.

These words will be my guides. I’ll move through them, I’ll explore them, I’ll see where they lead me. Each word will guide me to look in and find the answer that deep down, I already know.

They’ll help me remove the extra junk – the clutter – in my body, in my mind, in my home, in my life so that I can hear my own voice again.

I believe that when you can hear your own voice again, you’ll naturally move into the space you were always intended to be in. Relationships, your health, your energy – it will all start to work. It will start to flow.

Type A people like myself like results, we like to achieve, we like the measurable. But sometimes there needs to be softness. Sometimes there needs to be a loosening of rules. Sometimes there needs to be more trust and less rigidity.

The possibilities of where this will take me has me tingling and at the same time, I’ve never been calmer.

If these words speak to you too, I want to invite you to join me on this journey in 2013. This is about a connection back to self – journeying through open words and possibility - creating and moving and doing this year in a way that’s completely authentic to you – that brings you joy naturally. Clearing the clutter and shining the light. And it’s free for 2013.


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