Moving towards healing

I can’t move past the Sandy Hook shooting, nor do I want to yet. I want to honor every victim with prayers and light. Even with avoiding the media as much as possible, I have a constant lump in my throat. It’s just unfathomable.

I wanted to share the words of a few luminously bright women I admire and follow. Their words of healing have helped when there are no words for what happened at that school. It has helped me begin to process the enormity of the tragedy and sharing them with you feels like the only thing I can do to move back toward healing instead of getting stuck inside grief.

Danielle LaPorte shares a meditation for giving and helping, when there’s nothing else to do: Inhale suffering, exhale compassion.

Gabrielle Bernstein shares her tools for dealing with the incredible emotions that are so difficult to handle. How to handle your feelings.

What have you found that’s helped you?


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