Real Food Breakfast – Day 3

Over at the Year of You – we’re doing a real food breakfast challenge! For 5 days, over 70 woman will be swapping out their traditional breakfast for healthier, whole food options. I’ll be blogging and logging my breakfasts along with everyone else. (Go back and read day 1, day 2)

I set the coffee maker last night to automatically brew and I was so excited to come downstairs and have my coffee already made for me. Instead, I was met with an empty pot. How frustrating! The kitchen fairies really need to do a better job than this…

We’ll be up and out the door early this morning so I needed something extra simple and quick. Luckily, on Sunday I prepared and cooked quinoa to have for the whole week. It only takes about 15 minutes to cook but it’s amazing the difference having it already done makes.

You may not have considered it, but quinoa makes a delicious breakfast. Sometimes I add some fruit and nuts to it, sometimes I add a scoop of quinoa to my scrambled eggs and then there are those days when I’ll add raisins, walnuts and a dash of maple syrup. MMM!

Today though, I kept it really simple and combined it with avocado and salsa.

Quinoa, Mexican breakfast style

  • Pre-cooked quinoa (to make this easier & faster in the morning)
  • Avocado slices
  • Salsa

Salsa tip – if you’re using jarred salsa, be sure to check out the ingredient label to make sure there’s no sugar added and that all ingredients are real foods. The ingredients should look something like this: tomato puree, tomatoes, onions, water, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, lime juice, seas salt, garlic, spices. Personally, I love Amy’s Organic Salsa!


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