Creating your reality: the art of visioning

“With you when your future is yet to be written”

When I was little, I taught myself how to ride a bike in my mind. I brought my new blue two-wheeler home I was determined to ride it, only I couldn’t. For hours, I practiced and I just couldn’t stay on that bike. I was frustrated and sad but also very, very determined. I went to sleep that night and I dreamed of riding that bike. I practiced in my head, over and over and felt what it would feel like to successfully ride it. Next morning, the first thing I did was run outside and jump on my bike. Just like in my dream, I got on that bike and I rode it without falling off.

Visioning. Imagineering. Manifesting. 

I’ve always been a believer and when I didn’t know I was doing anything.

I used to envision myself winning basketball knockout contests and I could feel my muscles practicing in my head. Every time I did that, I won. And I wasn’t ever really surprised.

Often I’ll think about someone quite randomly only to have them pop up in my life within days.

The number 21 has always held a lot of significance for me and for a long time, that number popped up everywhere I went. Everywhere. All the time. It was almost eerie.

Recently, I took this class lead by my friend and guide, Hannah Marcotti. 30 days of prompts to create a vision book. I bought my book, grabbed my magazines and began cutting. I even bought a book for my 3 yr old too, she’s into using big girl scissors and I thought it would be fun to do together.

This whole process makes me roll my eyes—as I was trained to do over the course of my very rationalist education—but damn if it doesn’t work. – Martha Beck

That quote from Martha Beck makes me laugh, because yes, I kind of wanted to roll my eyes at myself too. Cutting and gluing your way to what you want has a way of making you feel kind of silly. But once you get past that, there’s so much joy in flipping through magazines, turning off your brain and using your gut instincts to cut out the pictures or words that you’re drawn to. Putting them together into a book or on to a piece of paper tells the story of where you’re going and what you want to pull into your life (even when you don’t quite understand it).

This is your soul work when you’re craving change and want alignment in your life. It’s powerful stuff, and it’s also very fun.

If you’ve never made a vision book before, I encourage you to give a try. It’s very simple really. Grab yourself some paper or a book, a whole bunch of magazines and without over thinking it, cut out words, pictures or anything that you’re drawn to and glue them to your paper.

I also highly suggest doing this with a 3 yr old. You’ll love the things they find to cut out!

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