Taste the rainbow, but lose the Skittles.

When I was in nutrition school, people kept claiming that carrots were sweet. Sweet? You have to be kidding me.

I couldn’t taste it because my body and palette was still very used to the overly artificially sweet foods all around me. But slowly, slowly as I worked it out of my system, I noticed…yes. Yes! They are sweet!

I’m not sure I ever would have noticed it if I hadn’t been looking for the flavor. Food had become something I shoved into my mouth, barely tasting while running out the door, or as fast as I could before a meeting. Food as it’s own experience? Hardly ever.

But this story reminds me that the simple act of engaging in your meals with full focus instead of a side act can shift so much.

When was the last time you really noticed that you were hungry and didn’t simply eat because it was there, or it was mealtime? When was the last time you really noticed the rainbow of flavors real food has to offer?

I think if we made a habit of slowing down and experiencing food the way it’s supposed to be – as a full experience of flavors, as a way of connecting with others and as a way to nourish and nurture yourself, everything would change.

I believe we would naturally choose delicious whole and real foods over the convenient processed food. We’d slow down more. We’d notice when we were really hungry and noticed what our body was craving. We’d sit and eat with others. It would be a full and wonderful experience.

Engage and experience your food.

Notice when you’re really hungry. Take some time to sit at the table and eat your meal. Share your meals with your family. Eat slowly. Taste your food. Notice what you’re really hungry for.

Try not to use food as a means to an end this week. Immerse yourself in the full experience the way it was meant to be.

See how the simple act of engagement begins to change the energy around mealtime.
I think you’ll love it.

Excerpt from 9/23 Year of You email. 


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