How to have a great summer (in 3 easy steps)


I am still reeling from the busyness of the end of the school year with graduation and recitals, birthday parties, hat days and wear your favorite color to school days and….I just have a preschooler! I can only imagine what it will be like in a few years.

I have a hard time coming down from a few weeks like that. It’s like I’m on energy overload and I just need a big, deep breath but sorry, toobusytotakeone! Maybe next week! I’m finding that I’m sleeping less, checking my phone more and staying really busy without getting much done.

That’s the mode I’m in when I find myself checking my phone every few minutes while I’m pushing the kids on the swing set or piling them into the car to do errands that don’t really need to get done. Blah – that’s not what any of us need.

Ok, deep breath. Slow down.

This summer I have a new plan I’m testing out. I’m dropping the ‘busy mom routine’ I find myself falling into and I’m getting back to some serious basics, like giving myself exactly what I wish for this summer.  It almost feels indulgent, except that I know it will allow me to more fully enjoy and have fun with the girls even if I spend hundreds of more hours singing ‘Let it go’ in the driveway.

Here’s the very simple plan I’m following:

1. Set a direction. What do you want most of this summer? Time, energy, adventure, date nights, time with friends and family? Make this about YOU, not your kids, not your family and not about expectations from others.

2. Write down a few intentions: With a direction in mind, write down a few very specific things you know you’d like to accomplish this summer. They can be fun activity based plans, professional goals or basic intentions for the summer. Keep it short and sweet so you don’t get overwhelmed by your own list.

3. Schedule it: If it’s not on the calendar, it’s probably not happening. Life gets so busy! Prioritize yourself and get something concrete down on paper. I printed out a google calendar and filled in the dates and I plan on hanging this up somewhere I can see everyday.

Seriously, so easy. So easy in fact that I can’t believe I haven’t done this before now.

I just did it for myself and I’m feeling so organized and intentional about the summer. I have a few professional goals that I know I need to make room for, a few fun days/nights scheduled for some time for me, lots of white space for fun with my kids and a bunch of date nights planned with my husband. Bliss.

Try it. Be intentional. Let me know how it works for you.


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