Tips for staying healthy this fall

It happens so fast….that first wind blows, school starts and BAM, everyone has a cold. 

Your rhythm changes in the fall – you’re likely up earlier and busier each day with schedules and routines and a faster pace. It can be a hard transition to make when we jump so quickly and sometimes your body isn’t prepared for all the business and the newness of the season. We need to consciously nourish ourselves in a purposeful way so we don’t find ourselves depleted and susceptible to sickness.

In Ayruvedic medicine, it is thought that what’s happening in nature is also happening inside our bodies. Fall is ruled by the vata dosha which is characterized by qualities that are dry, light and cool. Think of the cool wind blowing outside, the leaves changing colors and then drying up and falling. Similarly, we can feel a wave of emotions in the fall that pick up internally, just as the wind picks up outside. And we might start to feel our bodies drying out with dry skin or chapped lips. To counter that, it’s good for us to balance things out by changing the way we’re eating and taking care of ourselves in the fall. Here’s how:

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they’re being healthy and eating raw, cold salads throughout the year. At this point in the year, your body is craving and needing warming foods to keep it hydrated and nourished. Still craving salads? That’s great! Use heartier, greener lettuce and top your salad with cooked vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Mother nature knows just what it’s doing by providing the exact foods needed to support our bodies. Roasted root vegetables and heartier produce taste delicious cooked and will keep you warm and toasty on the inside. Soups and stews are amazing time of year and they balance the dryness of the season. Don’t be afraid of the heartier and heavier meals – they will keep you nourished and healthy.

You should also swap out cold beverages for warm teas and drinks, which is probably what you feel like anyway. Feed yourself what you’re naturally craving. Your body is so smart – listen to it!    

(Find some great fall recipes over on my Pinterest page)

Follow the lead of the sun. I’m a big believer in this one! As the seasons change and it gets darker earlier, plan to go to bed earlier too. When the sun is settling earlier, it makes so much sense that you should start to wind down earlier and take advantage of the extra darkness. The extra sleep will help you to keep your immune system strong, healthy and active.

There are so many of us completely stressed out women running around to accomplish this or that or the other thing. All day, every day. And we never take time for ourselves or do anything meaningful because there’s always so much to do. This daily frantic pace is going to leave us worn out with nothing left to give. So, even though I know it’s hard – SO hard – please take a minute and figure out something meaningful for you to do….something that has no other purpose except to make you happy. No feeling guilty allowed.

Please fill yourself up so you can be brimming with energy, positivity and good vibrations. THIS, more than anything else will keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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