It took me 14 years of thinking, searching and trying new things, but I knew it was out there.  This thing I was meant to do. I knew I’d find it.

And did I ever search. I tried on several college majors for size and none felt just right until I landed upon marketing. It was a great choice. But what does a marketing major do after college? What is marketing? I was never sure.

So, I began my real search. My early working years saw me jumping from job to job, company to company. I was miserable.  Some days, it felt as if my soul were dying. I craved meaning. I craved purpose.

I found it for a while: two great companies, several jobs within those. They taught me a lot and I met great friends. But I could never stop this nagging feeling from coming…telling me that there something else. I was not designed to be trapped in an office all day working, working, working and stressing even more than that.

I wanted more. I wanted a family that I could have time to play with.  I wanted to be able to stand in the sun, or eat my lunch outside without the constant stress and anxiety I always felt. I just knew I wasn’t put on this earth to freeze in an air-conditioned building worrying about things that didn’t really matter to me.

You know how they say: when you know, you just know? It was something like that. There were little signs everywhere – a rush of excitement, the same idea in different forms, a little tingling. I followed the signs, not exactly knowing where I was going but just believing I needed to follow.

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in June 2011 and my 2nd daughter was born just a few days later.  Some days, I look around and can’t believe where I am now: I get to enjoy my family without the crazy stress of before.  I get to do work I love, make my own hours and work with the most amazing women on their journey towards their beautiful life.

There’s so much more to tell and I hope we get to know each other better, but here’s what I really want you to know about me:

I believe everyone has a story inside of them ~ something they are meant to be ~ that is trying to make it’s way through.

I believe that to hear that message, you must be listening with your mind, body & spirit.

I know the way you feed yourself has everything to do with everything. I want to help you to learn to feed yourself beautifully and everything will change from there.

I think the way you live in your home and the way you dress matters too (but not in the way you think I do).

I love paint colors and how they can transform the way you feel in a room.

I strive for ease & simplicity. And always for that ever shifting balance.

I have a strangely accurate intuition.

I want so much for you to be able to live on your terms and design a life that fills you up. A life that looks the way you want it to. A life that you love. 

It’s possible for you. I want you to know that.



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