Become a health coach

Hello. I’m a certified health coach.

(I love saying that.)

That means I get to work with women on feeling their best, living a life they love and taking amazing care of themselves. Seriously! How cool is that?

Health coaches follow so many different paths: some work with clients on improving their health, some on weight loss without dieting, some health coaches have written cook books and some work with women on bringing more joy into their daily life. That’s the amazing thing –  you can create your own path.. on your own terms.

I get to work from home, make my own hours and create a business that goes hand in hand with my life. I get to take the best possible care of myself for my job.

It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted.

So how did I get here? I made a major life decision back in 2010 to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN: the world’s largest nutrition school). It was the best decision ever. It has transformed my life.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t do a lot of research into a million different nutrition schools, though I had casually looked for years.  For me, I knew IIN was right, right away.

Here are the parts of the program that made the decision to enroll so easy for me:

1)      Distance Learning:  The year I began IIN, the school started their distance learning program.  Although I would have loved to attend IIN in person (they actually don’t offer that option anymore), distance learning was perfect for me. They sent me an iPod and I listened to all my classes and still met an amazing community of people on the online forum. I was able to complete the program while home with my daughter and pregnant with my second.

2)      Holistic education: This is the thing that really drew me to the school. Though I studied nutrition from some incredibly amazing teachers, the curriculum went much, much further.  IIN offers a truly holistic program, which is what really appealed to me. They focused on how all the pieces of your life fit together to make you a healthy person. I love that, because I really believe it. And I love that the school is built on this holistic mindset.

3)      Amazing teachers: I mean…holy amazing teachers! Where else do you get to learn directly from experts like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, David Wolfe, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Katz and IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal. To have access to these top  people in their field was incredible.

4)      Business Training: I think this is amazing and was definitely a huge selling point for me. Not only did I get training to be a health coach, but I also got business training for exactly how to set up a business. Not many schools do that!  I learned effective ways to enroll clients, manage finances, and market my business. IIN even hooks you up with a free website to get your business started.

5)      Continued Education : As a graduate of the school, I have access to a full year of free continuing education, not to mention access to all the education forums I did when I was a student. Plus, I still have my iPod and can reference all the classes I took in just a few minutes. The alumni network is also incredible and the connections I’ve made since I graduated have been invaluable to me.

My decision to attend IIN was easy. At one point, I just knew that there was something more out there for me, something that aligned more with who I am and what I wanted my life to look like. It was a great choice for me and it allows me to blend all the things I love in life and make a career out of it. I graduated in June of 2011 and just a few days later had my 2nd daughter.

Even with two kids, I’m able to run a business from my home, making my own hours and doing what I love.

If you are interested in IIN, let’s talk. I can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Plus, I just may be able to hook you up with a tuition discount – they come up a few times a year and they let the alumni know about it first.

Drop me a line ( and we’ll chat!


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