Healthy Foundations for a Happier Mommy – free, virtual program – starts April 1

  • Cost: Free
  • Start Date: April 1st
  • Location: wherever you get your email (it’s virtual!)
  • Designed for: Moms everywhere
  • Description: 7 easy and effective challenges delivered right to your inbox designed to refresh and recharge your body, mind and spirit, in less than 20 minutes

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Being a mom is a total game changer.

Life is just a little bit messier now, and that goes beyond the spit up and sticky fingers. It’s more like…the house is overflowing with little people stuff, you’re barely keeping up with the daily routine and the things that you used to love to do have taken a back seat. And the not sleeping thing? It’s killer. Sometimes the days can feel entirely exhausting and depleting (and that can make you feel guilty).

 I totally get it. 

Some days I find myself spinning. The laundry sits untouched. I work so hard to stay totally engaged while playing with the same toys over and over. Sometimes, 4pm rolls around and I can’t believe I don’t have any idea what’s for dinner. Oh, and I promise myself almost every night that I’m going to do one of the following: finally respond to my emails, catch up on my favorite TV shows, slip away and hit up a yoga class, or just sit and talk with my husband. But all of a sudden, it’s 8pm and I could swear it was midnight!

It feels like time to make a change!

Here’s the thing – we spin because we’ve overwhelmed. Because we’re tired. Because all of a sudden that person we used to be (pre-baby) seems like she existed in another universe. I deeply believe this isn’t an all or nothing thing.  You can get back to feeling like the person you were  -  energetic, motivated, connected –  and blend her right into your life as a mom. All it takes is a little work to find her again and introduce that awesome person to your kids. Just because we have a new role as moms, we don’t have to say goodbye to who we are. Spring is almost here and I’m ready to feel more energized and a little bit more like me again. Let’s stop spinning together. Let’s take some control back so we can get back to feeling healthier, happier and back in the drivers seat. Are you with me?

Are you ready for a challenge?  Here’s what you can expect:

This 2-week program will challenge you to get back to basics and build back up the foundations of a healthy life in your world as a mom. Through a series of challenges, you’ll learn new strategies and ways to  feel healthy, connected, happy and sane again! All this while having more energy to enjoy your kids and all the responsibilities of being a mom.

Over the course of 2 weeks, you’ll receive:

  • An email every other day with a short challenge designed to help you build the foundations of a healthier and happier you.
  • Inspiration and motivation to tackle the challenge and feel really good when you’re done.
  • An invitation to a facebook group to connect with other like-minded moms and share how the challenge is going.

This will get you going and give you a little jump-start. You’ll feel refreshed, a little more organized a little more pulled together and a lot more motivated to continue. Just in time for Spring!

Let’s get this ball rollin’!

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2 Responses to

  1. Aimee Peters says:

    Thank you! This sounds like a fun easy way to break out of a routine that has gotten slightly too, well, routine :)

  2. McCashew says:

    Really looking forward to this! Thanks!!

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